Our Farm

Blue Goose Farm

Located in Nicktown, Pennsylvania, we are the quintessential farming family.

My ancestors for generations back were all in agriculture. I wanted to expand and create my own farm growing vegetables. My wife and I own and operate our 150 acre farm with 80 tillable acres. Most of the acreage is in hay and small grains with about 5 acres in vegetables. The vegetables are grown and maintained with organic methods.

We started our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) in 2008 with 123 members. We have since grown - with now over 300 members extending into 4 counties. Growth is good when it's slow and steady!

We have established a permanent heated greenhouse in which to begin our germination during the winter before planting in the spring. This method offers a larger quantity of crops with several plantings over the seasons. We continue to maintain our other open-tunnel greenhouses during the warmer months growing our tomatoes.

Farming is experimental - definitely scientific - and there is nothing consistent. I have enjoyed developing my own methods, utilizing organic practices, and nurturing new varieties of produce. Thus, I look forward to each new growing season.

We strive to educate our local communities on the importance of eating fresh, locally produced foods, and eating what naturally grows in each season.  We invite you to join the hype of eating well!