Blue Goose Farm Community Supported Agriculture

Times are changing back to when individuals cared about the food they ate and from where it came. For several decades, people were so busy with their lives they wanted quick, easy, and inexpensive food - fast food. Well, people are still busy, but they are starting to care enough to consider better planning and eating habits.

These habits happen by considering the following:

  • where you shop for food
  • how to food shop...well
  • knowing where your food comes from
  • knowing how to prepare, cook, and store your food
  • taking time to do all of this for a healthier you!

These are all reasons why people are back to buying fresh, buying local, buying now!  Farmers Markets are popular again. And CSAs are becoming more and more common.

A CSA is...

A CSA is Community Supported Agriculture. It is a partnership between farmers and their community. Being partners means sharing in the bounty and risk of the farm's annual production. Partners also provide the farmer a customer base and stable income throughout the productive season - this varies farm to farm. In our case, we provide our members a weekly share of the freshest and best local produce.

It is this relationship with our community that inspired us to create our own CSA.

How it works...

An individual or a family purchases a membership or "share" of the farm's annual production - thus becoming a partner. Whether the farm provides meat, dairy, produce, grain, etc., a "share" is a certain quantity of product set by the farmer. In our case, a share is a box filled with a variety of produce (roughly 7-10 items) that is picked, packed, and delivered fresh to specific locations and picked up by the members on a weekly basis.

The benefits of joining...

Partnering in our CSA is a seasonal eating experience - sampling interesting, flavorful varieties of produce from spring to autumn. Our members enjoy the surprise of opening their box and being encouraged to prepare and cook creative meals with recipes we provide - often family favorites! Sometimes unfamiliar vegetables are provided which is important...we are helping to educate our members and broaden their menu palette.

In addition, you benefit from...

  • knowing where your food grows;
  • eating fresher/healthier foods;
  • supporting organic agriculture;
  • investing in the local economy;
  • eating what's in season in that season.